Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lets Talk Bill Miller at Legg Mason for a minute. So I manage my own account and I know I am not certified broker, and don't know alot about the ins and outs on commodity trading, but really????

Bill Miller is noted for beating the street (specifically the S&P) for the last 15 years. Sure he is managing funds that dwarf my little nest egg, but aren't the principles the same?

I was up 45% over the S&P last year and I was up over the S&P for the past three years. I know I won't get the notoriety or the cash bonuses like a Bill Miller - but the biggest bonus is that I know I am making the right moves for my kids later in life.

Currently in 2010 the S&P are at 3% - I'm at 7% - so we will see how this shakes out but now I'm on a mission to beat Bill Miller at the Famed Legg Mason. Right here in good old Baltimore. So take that Bill Miller - the little guys can have streaks too!